Setting goals is a crucial part of life and advancement throughout the life you want. Yet goals is sometimes so difficult to follow. They mean nothing without a plan to accomplish them.

Truly, as we set goals we sally forget that we need to make them realizable, putting a so much big goal is absolutely impossible to follow, I don’t say we should not have impossible goals and a big one. I said usually to arrive at these goals we must follow little one, step by steps. We must remember how far we have gone, by crossing steps by steps on a list of goals until we meet our one goals. We must not only focus on the goals that we don’t have achieved but the accomplishments we have already made, truly we will continue to seek this out for our other goals and be thought to yourself, not only be positive.


Here Why Positive Thinking Doesn’t Work … And What does?

Being positive when things are going in the wrong direction is never going to work: It will make you feel like you’re forcing yourself to smile, trying too hard, make you ignore the situations or make you look stupid plain doesn’t it? When you are trying to be positive you will mostly hear from your heads “This is never going to work, why to waste your time and money on it, some people have it worst, or he will change I love him one day he will love me if I keep changing for him”; and never change your situation.

That is the ways actually you never achieved anything, and never build something new, and you keep focused on the old. Actually spending time trying to be positive, can help you get away with spending time trying to plan for our to be a better person, what you want to do and how you want to live, who you want to become?

That true you’re 100% responsible for your life, your happiness, and what you do with your time on Earth; that doesn’t mean living like you were dying that will be a stupid thing to do but that if you want something you should actually put the work on it.

Take some time now to ask yourself these simple questions:


So when you are really engaged in what is going around you. You actually feel like everything around is hell and everything is breaking down! The key out of it isn’t positivity, it’s  not letting a thing be as they are. Instead, it’s become clearer when you know what you want (and what you want to be). Work toward your life, work on improving your life is difficult but slowly you will watch all the problems around you dissolve in the process.

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Melisssa Louis

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