MOOC is the abbreviation of Massive Open Online Courses; this means this free massive online course that everyone that can have an Internet connection can use to learn.

Like Malcolm Forbes said It’s never too late to learn.


This type of websites has really emerged on the web and as the new contender for the next new education technology. Many web sites are very contradictory about this subject some said that this not equal to real study in the classroom and other said it’s the becoming of a news type of education.

So I decided to test it for you and what I found out about it; it’s that this is really educative and enjoying. There is every week a chat room with the teachers and we can ask questions, there are homework and study. But like it’s online you can cheat more often, but me I didn’t and you have to study event so it’s on the Internet to pass the course; if you’re not serious or don’t want to learn you will get nothing of this online course like in a real classroom. And what is great about this it’s that this is totally free, but the certificate some site give you at the end have no real value in job interview only this gives some new knowledge.


What is the advantages of MOOCs and why this is so interesting?

MOOCs have 2 fundamental differences from the previous online educational:

MOOCs are available for free, anywhere, at any time, they have a platform easier to use and to learn from any time and any situations.

MOOCs have social engagement communities of students that can chat together, help each another, pose problems, resolves questions, add additional material to the class, and support other students in their study or learning.


But what it’s the most important differences it’s that MOOCs are made for large numbers of students to study and learn at the same for free, school like MIT and Harvard invest $30 Million of dollars in the website EDx to help student that cannot afford to study to have some kind of free education.

One of the big problems I see it’s that most of the course that they offer are just some kind of introduction, if you want to develop it in more details you will have to pay for a real class.

But like Malcolm Forbes said It’s never too late to learn something news and when it’s free and available so easily why not learn something news?

MOOCs Web Sites:


More article like this there 


Melisssa Louis

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