Whether you are a staying home mother or have a job, it’s always difficult to manage everything and remember everything that needs to be done. If you are trying to get your life organized but cannot do it because you don’t know how to handle all the tasks that need to be done, then this article is for you. Working, writing your finance, doing your budget, taking care of your cleaning list, following your diets, etc… Those tasks might look impossible if you don’t have the right tools to help you, in a 24 hours day. technology-01

Since almost everyone has a cellphone with them, you being one of them, why not use it for your good? There are so many useful free apps that can help you stay organized, so why not use them to their full potential.

Below are a few mobile apps that will make your life easier.

1. The Wallet
Who doesn’t want to save time and money? “Be organized at home and set yourself a budget.” This app is here to help you save your expenses and protect your earning and savings, with nice and easy to understand graphics and visual reports. This app is totally free of charge, with free backup, and your email account attached to it so you can easily transport your data from phone to phone.

Download for iPhone: Here
Download for Android: Here 

2. OurHome
This the best application to get a home organized in a simple manner. There’s a shared list of groceries and a calendar to keep everyone coordinated. And what is good about this app is that it’s free to use with no ads and no hidden cost. You can easily assign and schedule your daily tasks and chores, put your goals and reward your good work, set events, put reminders, and sync with all device. Because we all know it’s difficult to keep your house tidy, this app is a savior.

Download for iPhone: Here 
Download for Android: Here 

3. Flo
Flo is just the everything health tracker that every woman needs. It’s smart and simple to use and completely free. It calculates your period cycle and it’s really reliable; most of the times, it predicts properly the menstruation cycle for all women even with unregular cycles. It also records your moods, your weight, your water consumption; it has a walking pedometer, and it takes full control of your health and PMS symptoms.

Download for iPhone: Here 
Download for Android: Here 

4. Ipon / Fifthytwo +
If you ever want to save money this app is for you. Have you heard about the 52 weeks challenge? The idea is simple and suitable for all budgets. The objective of this app is to stick to a schedule that mentions the small amount of money you should save weekly. This amount increases weekly till you reach the goal amount of money you seek. This is useful if you have projects or simply if you want to save. And the funny part about this app is that it’s completely free of charge.

Download for iPhone: Here 
Download for Android: Here 

5. Goodreads
Goodreads is the app for bibliophile women or just women that want to read but never remember which page they were at or what books they wanted to buy. It’s the world’s largest social network for readers. You can see reviews from all over the world on all the books. You can search, rate, and review the books you have read, see your friends’ reviews, add statuses and page number updates for books you are currently reading. You can also use barcodes to scan books before buying them to check their reviews online, etc… If you love to read then this app is perfect for you.

Download for iPhone: Here 
Download for Android: Here 

6. Fabulous
A free app that will help you grow and become the best version of yourself with challenges and everyday tasks to help you progress in your self-discipline and to help you build a more healthy lifestyle. Like drinking water every morning or going on a walk every evening. If your goal is to get more active or more healthy this app is for you.

Download for Android: Here 

7. GROWTH journal
Stay focused on your goal by writing what you are grateful about, what you learned, and what you want to learn tomorrow every day on your private journal. Follow your goals.

Download for Android: Here 

This app is a must have app on everyone’s phone. You fill the blank with your medical ID, your blood type, your weight, your height, your allergies, and your emergency contacts. And this will appear on the lock up screen so that if anything happens to you someone will be able to see this without opening your phone.

Download for iPhone: Here 
Download for Android: Here 

9. Daily Yoga
You ever wanted to workout from home and relax yourself, this application is best for you.

Download for iPhone: Here 
Download for Android: Here 

10. Coursera
Free online courses to get new skills on your Cv or just to have fun.

Download for iPhone: Here 
Download for Android: Here 

Whether it’s for budgeting, for saving, to keep a reading list, or to keep yourself healthy, your phone is there to keep your organized. Which app will you download first?


Melisssa Louis

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.


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